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The Network of Young People Living with HIV and AIDS in Tanzania (NYP+), is a Non-Governmental Organization established in January 2003 and formally registered in November 2005 under the NGOs Act of 2002 with registration number 00/NGO/0514. The registered office of the Network shall be in Dar es Salaam but will operate throughout Tanzania by opening chapters in the Regions through District Clusters. Other chapters are yet to be opened in the remaining regions of Tanzania Mainland in the near future was founded by passionate adolescents and young people living with HIV/AIDS with the aim of helping their peers in solving various challenges they face. The Network operates in Tanzania Mainland across all regions. The NYP+ has 2 representatives in 179 PLHIV Clusters with 358 (358 being youth representatives in 179 PLHIV Clusters) who in total established Youth-PLHIV Forum. The main objective of the network is advancing the welfare of young people living with HIV and Adolescent in general through Advocacy and Capacity Building in collaboration with the Government and other local Civil Societies as well as International Agencies. NYP+ underscores the importance of providing social, economic and civic space to the Young People as an important element in realizing the youth contribution towards shaping their own future as well as the betterment of the societies where they live in general. Although we work as an independent and registered institution, the Network is one of the important forums within the entire Umbrella of People Living with HIV in Tanzania and collaborates with key stakeholders in HIV and AIDS in Tanzania. Our experience in programming, advocacy, networking and influencing has contributed to major changes regarding youths and HIV in the country. We are the youths with hunger and energy to continue bringing positive changes in the country and global at large. We would love to continue to contribute and ensure they participate, test and remain on treatment so as to keep adding value to the nation’s development agenda. Despite such contributions, we face a number of challenges including ensuring all youths are engaged in the process to achieve the global 3-90’s.

Our primary target group is young people living with HIV/AIDS aged, 15-24 in in responding to the challenges of HIV/AIDS pandemic. The secondary targets intended are all Tanzanians from diverse backgrounds in Tanzania mainland notably; women, children and the rests of the population vulnerable population/disadvantaged groups.


To have a society where every young person is free from new HIV infections and the well being of those living with HIV/AIDS is sound enough


NYP+ has a dedication of freeing the society from new HIV infections and making better the lives of those infected, through capacity building, networking, lobbying and Advocacy programs

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