About Us


  1. To fight against new HIV infections through influencing positive behavior change, raise awareness to impact improving the health status of women, men, MVC/OVC and youth and alleviate suffering especially among communities: the Adolescents and Young People who are living with HIV/AIDS (YPLHIV) with care and support initiative programs.
  2.  To defend the implementation of human rights for people living with HIV and role of young people living with HIV, aiming to bring the proportion of development as a means of balanced development as a means of reducing the poverty rate to control the spread of HIV within the community 
  3. To be involved on Adolescents living with HIV/AIDS Advocacy, Life skills and support country wide through CTCs
  4. Promote and facilitate the empowerment of youths positive to attain higher levels of education, skills and knowledge to be able to employ themselves.
  5. To conduct researches on various issues of, public health and social development.
  6. Develop Entrepreneurship Skills among the youths, women and community in establishing small income generating activities by engaging them in a range of cooperative models and other productive initiatives such as forming small Social Income Landing Community (SILC) groups.
  7. To render materials or other support to needy, handicapped, socially or gender disadvantage, Young People Living with HIV/AIDS, orphans, refugees and such members of the society who are in direct need of assistance to enjoy a decent life and compassionate.